Miss Bree

Bree was just 6 years old when she started Gymnastics in her home town at the time - Port Hedland. Competing in many competitions in Port Hedland and Broome, Bree won a number of Gold medals on Beam and Silvers on Floor & Bars. At age 10, her family decided to move to Perth, where she joined West Coast Gymnastics for the first year.

The year Bree turned 11 she started Modelling at Metro Modelling Academy Malaga and continued classes for 4 years. During this time she found a love for modelling and all things associated with grooming and deportment. Participating in many Malaga Markets Parades she was able to develop her modelling and confidence skills.

In year 9 at high school, Bree started her first year of the school’s dance curriculum. She fell in love with dance and chose it as a subject every year from then till her graduating year. She was able to dance in all her school's Dance Night Productions and also got to compete with her class in the Achper Dance Festival in 2010.

In Cantik Models opening year, Bree started back doing modelling classes. Miss Jojo was her teacher again and in 2011 Bree became Miss Jojo's assistant teacher. That year Bree won the Cantik Miss Outstanding Award. In 2014, Bree began her first year teaching her own classes at Cantik and assisting Miss Jojo with Cantik's Event Coordinating - she couldn’t be happier!