We provide the following courses:

  • Modelling, Grooming and Deportment (Age 7+)

  • Cool, Confident & Courageous Teens (Age 11 -17)

  • Konga Kids (Kids Dance Fitness)

  • Princess Modelling & Manners (Age 3-6)

Cantik Models lessons are not only informative, up to date and educational, but are taught in a fun, upbeat, relaxed environment, where the focus is give every equal opportunities no matter what shape, size, age or gender.

Students will not only learn modelling grooming and deportment skills, but skills they will use throughout life, like interview skills, public speaking, appropriate dress for every occasion and for your body, body image and social etiquette skills.

Classes include, but are not limited to, catwalk skills, photographic and posing, manicures, pedicures, fashion and style, make up, skin care, nutrition and fitness, acting and stage skills, trust and self confidence,  public speaking, social etiquette and more. Every level progresses further in their techniques and will learn new and challenging things.

Classes run all year round with an annual presentation in the later months in the year for our Modelling students.

Private Lessons

Cantik Models private lessons are an affordable way of getting one on one lessons. They are a great for students who want to catch up or models that are new to the industry.  Private lessons are catered to your specific needs, so you can choose what subjects you want covered. Why not get a few of your friends together and have a joint lesson (Max of 5 students per private lesson).

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